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Digital Nomads World has been postponed. New 2023 dates will be announced soon.

Please check back with us as we continue to enhance the live experience for you, our audience. 

New for 2022!

A new live and virtual event serving the fast-growing digital nomad and remote workers industry!

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A new trade show and virtual event serving the fast-growing digital nomad and remote workers industry!

More and more companies are taking advantage of the talent opportunities offered by remote workers. As a result, digital nomads are becoming a frequently used resource for companies of all sizes.

Who will attend?

Digital nomads, remote workers, hiring companies, digital capitalists and those seeking digital dual citizenship.

Who will exhibit?

Recruiters, technology providers, transportation, healthcare providers, app creators, destinations, and service providers.

Digital nomads along with remote workers are information hungry as their work environment creates some unique needs and challenges, including health care and technology issues.

Up until now there have been limited information resources for digital nomads here in the U.S. and no face-to face event. Digital Nomads World affords these professionals the opportunity to:

  • Network with their peers 
  • Build alliances that provide resources for larger projects
  • Learn about best practices from other digital nomads and experts
  • Educate themselves about solutions to the unique challenges this sort of work presents
  • Make connections with top ranked recruiters and country/city officials
  • Meet with destination execs who are trying to attract them to their countries and cities

Digital Nomad World is a unique event and will include:

  • A full-bodied 2-day conference program led by expert speakers
  • An exhibit hall that will offer a variety of exhibits including recruiters, destination promoters, consultants and much more.
  • The exhibit will be open for 2 days, concurrent with the conference
  • Keynote sessions on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Networking areas on the show floor

Digital Nomads will attend…

Because this is a very unique opportunity for them to advance their education, connections and problem-solving. The opportunity to put their mainly solitary life on hold for a couple of days and actually interact in person with their peers and experts will make DIGITAL NOMADS WORLD a must-attend event.

Know About the Industry 

Digital Nomads World is voice search functional through

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